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Tips for Teletherapy

The pandemic has resulted to sweeping changes to the way in which therapy is delivered. At Softly Spoken this has meant embracing a virtual way of working. Here are some top tips for clients when using teletherapy.

Top Tips for Clients

  • Think about where in your home your session will take place. It will need to be well lit and quiet. Avoid windows which may cause glare.

  • Before your session take some time to get familiar with the teletherapy software you will be using.

  • Position your device in a central position and ensure that the lens in clean on your camera.

  • Make sure your device is connected to a power source, and on an even surface.

  • Set up yourself up with a drink and make sure mobile telephones are switched off.

  • Log in to your software and connect with your therapist.

  • In the event of any issues, just call instead.

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