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Softly Spoken offers a variety of different services tailored to meet the needs of individuals and professionals.


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Individuals and their families:


  • Intensive Therapy 

A therapy package involving one to two sessions per week, with interim exercises and remote support. This is the most common type of a therapy package and will be organised on a twelve week basis with a half way review and regular goal planning. 


  • Slow-stream Therapy 

A less intense therapy package involving one to two sessions per month with optional, interim exercises. This therapy package suits individuals preferring a slower pace of therapy or as a follow on to an Intensive Therapy package. It will be organised over a four to six month period with a half way review and goal planning. 


  • Consultation & Advice

Softly Spoken can perform a single assessment with a detailed, written report and guidelines for those indivduals simply looking for advice or wishing to implement their own treatment plans.


  • Family Support & Liaison

As the carers for individuals with acquired conditions, Softly Spoken offers 

additional support sessions. These cover strategies to facilitate communication or swallowing difficulties and provide a more focused opportunity to discuss any concerns. 


  • Group Sessions

Softly Spoken runs regular group sessions that enables individuals with similar histories to share their experiences.  


Care Centres & Health Care Providers:


Softly Spoken can provide a one hour training session for care centres, which includes video tutorials, group work and practical exercises. The session is aimed at increasing care givers' understanding of specific swallowing or communication difficulties, and improving outcomes for patients. The following training topics are available, but please feel free to enquire about a more specific training package if required. 


  • Dysphagia Awareness Training

  • Communication and Dementia

  • Communication and the Older Person


Health Care Professionals and Legal Teams: 


As part of a holistic approach to patient care, Softly Spoken works collaboratively with all relevant disciplines including colleagues in the public sector and in supporting legal teams. This can take the form of interdisciplinary case liaison, joint sessions, support with total communication techniques for complex communication disorders or specialist, consultative assessment and opinion in the case of legal enquiries.




Softly Spoken is commited to training and supporting the next generation of Speech & Language Therapists, as well as student nurses, doctors and other health care professionals. Observation experiences will include direct, clinical sessions and case discussion. 


What Next? //

For more information on any of the above, please feel free to contact Softly Spoken to discuss your specific requirements. **Please note, Vickey is currently closed to new therapy patients.

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A video on the etiquette for talking with someone with Aphasia, 'Ask. Wait. Listen'. As narrated by John Humphries.